In the News: Gourmet Garage Now “Late Summer”

84-white-street-deck••• The mysterious new building at 84 White will be rentals. —BuzzBuzzHome (via Curbed)

••• The Coveteur ogles the Tribeca closet of Amy Focazio of M.A.C. New York.

••• The Wall Street Journal has a strange article about Tribeca real estate. The headline says that the Tower of Deflated Expectations, a.k.a. 56 Leonard, “suggests changes coming to the neighborhood,” because it and other developments are “geared toward families.” The article itself starts out about the boom in northeast Tribeca, then it broadens to east Tribeca—and then it focuses on a bunch of stuff all along Leonard Street. A few bits of news are buried inside: 1) The conversion of 87 Leonard is finally coming to market in the coming weeks. 2) Gourmet Garage is now saying “late summer” (as opposed to “probably this summer”). 3) And, something very exciting to those of us in the east, 108 Leonard (346 Broadway) will have a restaurant.

••• Remember those flyers looking for used Lululemon? The resale market is crazy. —Racked

••• The 30 Park Place penthouse has been listed for $65 million. (“The combined penthouse […] is also being offered as a series of smaller apartments.” —Curbed

30 Park Place penthouse


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  1. I walk by Gourmet Garage everyday and see workers in there the past month or so. There is some activity but not a lot. I also heard from others that Gourmet Garage is being held up due to landmark issue. Not sure if that’s true though…