In the News: The Huge Tower at Murray and West

101 Murray••• YIMBY New York got some zoning documents (right) for 111 Murray. It “will have a fairly rectangular envelope overall, though its form tapers slightly outwards as the tower reaches its highest floors, maximizing the space that will sell for top dollar.” In other words, it sounds it won’t be unlike the rendering that leaked earlier (above). “A glass shroud will taper to two separate points above the highest floor, also providing a convenient hiding place for the building’s rooftop mechanicals. The project is currently expected to open in 2017.”

••• “More than 350 new pre-kindergarten seats are coming to Lower Manhattan, starting in the fall of this year [….] The total of 378 seats (198 of which are permanent, and 180 temporary) comprise a 17 percent share of the 2,202 new seats being created in all of Manhattan. […] These seats will be spread among five locations.” —Broadsheet

••• “CB1 likes 1 Chase Plaza landmark makeover but hates all the brightly lit, glass storefronts.” Light in FiDi has to come from somewhere! Those streets are dark! —Tribeca Trib

••• “Bed-Stuy-based sisters Lizzy and Darlene Okpo—the duo behind buzzy label William Okpo [left]—are opening up their first-ever store this spring. Slated to take over 4 Fulton Street sometime during the first week of April, the shop will join South Street Seaport newcomers like Brother Vellies, Whisper Editions, and Modabox.” —Racked

••• “Two 15-year-olds repeatedly punched a man in his face, then swiped his bicycle during an early evening attack on Wall Street last week, police said.” —DNAinfo

••• The New York Observer loves Little Park.

••• A reader—no, not Hugh Jackman—sent in an interesting Washington Post article about what happens to surrounding businesses when parking spaces get turned into parklets (as is in the works outside Laughing Man).

••• Actor Orlando Bloom sold his Franklin Street apartment. —New York Daily News



  1. ARGH!!! I was at the CB1 Landmarks meeting, but had to leave early because I had a 7:00 PM curtain to get to. I LOVED the entire presentation and especially the light filled storefronts. I’m sure had I been able to stay I would have talked some sense into the other members present. The one chairing the meeting didn’t even seem to be familiar with the site which I found astounding and so frustrating. Nonetheless, this project WILL happen and it is yet another game changer for FiDi!

  2. Wonderful news for parents wanting to send their kids to Pre-K this . . . not so good news for parents wanting to send their kids to a local school for K-8 since the space that incubated PS/IS 276, Spruce Street School, and Peck Slip will no longer be available.

  3. Your ongoing fan boy enthusiasm for Little Park makes me wonder if you’re secretly on their payroll.

    • You can rest assured that I’m not.

    • Unlike some other blogs that censor all of their comments, I tend to appreciate this one since they all seem to go up unfiltered.

      I’d hate to lose that because of random trolls like this.

      • I do actually refuse to run some comments, mainly nasty ones, as per the comment policy here: But I thought it was useful to remind anyone who thinks otherwise that I’m not on the take. If content is sponsored, it’s labeled as such.

        As for Little Park, I wavered before mentioning the Observer’s review, because I don’t always include its reviews. But I thought it was thoughtful and therefore useful. I imagine the NYT will have no choice but to review LP, even though it took on Carmellini’s Bar Primi not long ago, and that’ll be the last Little Park review that gets mentioned here.