A Long, Deep Look Inside Le District

Le District from the Winter GardenI went to the opening party for Le District last night, and I have to say that—despite the mimes—I was impressed. I think Le District has lots of challenges ahead of it, the number one being quality of its merchandise (of which I tried none), but when it comes to style: tens across the board.


Opening today

The café and patisserie (and maybe the flower counter)

Le District cafeLe District cookies Le District flowers Le District patisserie Le District creperie Le District sweets•••••••••••••••

Opening sometime next week

The rest of the market; the counters with the black lampshades above them (toward the end of this section) are Le Comptoir, the wine bar.

Le District charcuterie Le District rotisserie Le District grain de cafe Le District market2 Le District boulangerie Le District fromagerie Le District fromagerie2 Le District poissonerie Le District market3 Le District market4 Le District market6 Le District market1 Le District meat Le District delices du chef•••••••••••••••

Also opening sometime next week

The restaurant Beaubourg

Le District Beaubourg2Le District BeaubourgLe District Beaubourg bar2Le District Beaubourg bar•••••••••••••••

Opening in a couple of months

L’Appart, another restaurant/private dining space

Le DIstrict LAppart



  1. Erik thanks for posting. Why do you feel the merchandise needs improvement if you haven’t tried?

    • I didn’t say the merch needs improvement. I said Le District’s challenge will involve the quality of its merch; it has to start high and stay there, which can get tough at this scale.

    • The other challenges, since you almost asked:

      1. Unlike Eataly, Le District is off the beaten track for tourists.
      2. I don’t know if people feel about French food the way they do about Italian food. When I was the editor of a travel magazine, we learned that newsstand sales were always strong if “Italy” was on the cover, but no other destination, not even France, made a difference.
      3. No celebrity chef, à la Mario Batali.

      On the other hand, there are a whole lot of workers in the area, with more to come, and a vastly underserved residential community. And I can’t wait to see it opened up to the plaza, especially when the weather finally turns.

      None of this means I don’t wish it the very best! I just think about it too much.

      • Agreed and thanks

      • I agree about the location. Personally I think it’s horrible, but maybe it was the only large space they could find. I don’t find being located in a bland corporate office complex very appealing – at all. Meanwhile, Eataly is located in an older building near Madison Square Park and the Flatiron building. I also agree that a well known French chef name or two attached would desirable, but not 100% required. Perhaps Dominique Ansel and one other. Still, I have been wishing for a French Food Market on the same scale of Eataly in NY for awhile now, and I hope it succeeds. Even better if it moved. ;-) France is the number one tourist destination for U.S. Tourists, so I think that is a plus.

        P.S. Wouldn’t mind a Spanish food Market like Despaña on a larger scale either.

  2. >>Unlike Eataly, Le District is off the beaten track for tourists . . .

    Please spend a few hours standing on the corner of Liberty and South End any day from May til October and count the number of illegally parked tour buses dropping the little darlings (oh, and the big nasty ones) off, and then reconsider this statement.

    And when the WTC observatory opens, it will only be worse.

  3. I’m hopeful that the meat and fish will be quality. There’s a void in this department since All Good Things closed.

  4. Do we know who is creating the bread and cakes here? Is it a well known baker?

  5. On a side note: Those jars of Bonne Maman jams (which I love)? They will probably be selling them for $6.95 a pop. Meanwhile, at my local grocery, The regular price is $3.99, they go on sale often for $2.99, and every once in awhile 2/$5.00. So I don’t think I’ll be buying those while I’m down there. Just saying.

  6. Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing so many photos.

    I agree with the location and comments regarding Italy, France, etc.

    I hope they do well and I can’t wait to visit!