A New Boutique on Lispenard

Foundrae at 52 LispenardA new fashion line called Foundrae is opening its first boutique at 52 Lispenard, at right in the photo above. (The ground floor of 50 Lispenard will be a residence.) The founder of Foundrae is Beth Bugdaycay, the former CEO of Rebecca Taylor who is married to Murat Bugdaycay, the developer of 52 Lispenard, as the handsome new combination of 50 and 52 Lispenard is known. Synergy!

Here’s what we know about Foundrae so far, from its website. (There may be more in this recent WWD article, but it’s behind a paywall, and I’m not paying $150 for that.) The boldface is mine….

Foundrae is curated style for the individualistic woman who is not defined by her age.

Foundrae is refined, artful, unexpected, soulful, defiant, languid, flattering, meaningful.

At the heart of the brand is the Foundrae lexicon, an original language of symbols, letters, and numbers offering the Foundrae woman a modern way of expressing herself. The lexicon extends to all categories of the Foundrae brand: apparel, fine jewelry, footwear and small leather goods. In a vocabulary that transcends words, choosing symbols that reflect who she is, the Foundrae woman explores her own possibilities, past, present, and future, and gains a sense of her own power.

UPDATE: Racked got into the WWD article: “‘We wanted to work in a way that was more meaningful for us and also allowed us to be more accessible to our family,” [Beth Bugdaycay] told WWD. ‘We wanted to do it together.’ Aside from ready-to-wear (expect $350 shirts, $500 dresses, and up to $2,000 for leathers), Foundrae will also sell shoes and jewelry, which can be customized in the store. The number eight, which stands for karma, stars, a crown atop a pyramid, or an upside-down triangle, for example, can be embossed or added to some jewelry and even clothing.”

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  1. I am interested in the ring – 18 K gold inspired by foil cigar bands as seen in Elle Sept. p.158. What is the price?