In the News: Inside Le District

••• A rundown of the food being served inside the market part of Le District, as well as the very French menu for Beaubourg, one of the restaurants. (“Le Salad Bar” just made me lose a half hour watching Pepé Le Pew on YouTube….) —Eater

••• DNAinfo has a few pix of Le District, which is says is opening “its ‘café district’—an area that features coffee, freshly baked waffles and crepes, along with an extensive selection of pastries—on March 27. The rest of the space, conceptually split into three more ‘districts’—is aiming to open by April 1,” which is Wednesday. Related: I really, really don’t love it when PR agencies let everyone else in first. Ignore the local media market at your own peril. UPDATE: I hear the opening is pushed back because Le District doesn’t have gas yet.

••• A New York Daily News on pet obesity includes Water 4 Dogs (and unfairly spotlights a poor pug).

••• “A delegation of Battery Park City Authority executives met with six elected officials representing Lower Manhattan last Friday to discuss ongoing concerns about North Cove Marina and the Authority’s process for allocating time on the Battery Park City ball fields.” —Broadsheet

••• “Four bikers pleaded guilty Wednesday to assault and riot in the beating of a Tribeca dad. Craig Wright, James Kuehne, Kaliq Douglas and Clint Caldwell admitted their roles in the Sept. 29, 2013, attack.” —Daily News