Seen & Heard: Lispenard Hotel Mystery

••• “This is this last surviving New York City ‘Oyster Barge,'” said Grand Banks on Instagram. “Built circa 1830, she has been aground in Fair Haven, Conn., for the last hundred years or so. After a long life as an oyster tavern in Lower Manhattan, she traveled by water to Fair Haven, where over the years she operated as a speakeasy, a brothel, a Yale University dive bar, and popular local restaurant. Abandoned since the 1980s and in need of serious restoration, she has been facing imminent demolition.” The Maritime Foundation—which shares founders with Grand Banks—bought it for $1 and is bringing it to Red Hook for restoration. How to support it.

••• Forgot to note in yesterday’s mammoth Brookfield Place post: Signage for Amada Spanish restaurant is up (just to the west of the Vesey entrance); Parm will be to the west of Amada.

Amada signage••• Flyers have been posted in southeast Tribeca for a “Limitless” shoot on Monday and Tuesday. They say a stuntperson will be rappelling down a building. “Limitless” is a TV movie based on the 2011 film starring Bradley Cooper.

••• I only heard recently that there were plans to turn 43 Lispenard (a.k.a. 324 Canal) into a hotel. The conversion paperwork was filed with the DOB in 2011, but it seems to have stalled. I tried contacting the owner, but anyone know the story?

43 Lispenard••• That’s a “for rent” sign above the door at Nelly (85 Chambers).

Nelly 85 Chambers



  1. One more note following the extensive Brookfield Place aka WFC correspondence:

    Wasn’t it wonderful to walk into the Winter Garden and see our beautiful staircase in place and still there?

    We fought hard to keep it and we succeeded.

    Congratulations to all our neighbors who fought the good fight and, hey why not, even Brookfield for listening and learning and doing the right thing.

  2. Here’s an idea:

    Bring the restored oyster barge to Pier 25.

    Forget the restaurant which will never open there.

    • Great idea!

      • Thanks!

        What would it cost? It could be open April through September then put away the other half of the year.

        Another idea I have is put a restored traincar diner there so we have that as well as the oyster barge.

        I mean if nothing will be built on Pier 25 then why not put things there?

  3. Re: Pier 26 (Pier 25 is already rebuilt & finished)

    Archery range.

    Batting cages.

    RC model airplane practice area.

    Food truck gathering spot. Or Smorgasburg west.

    BYOB beer garden and picnic area- just set up a few old school picnic benches.

    Or how about just letting the neighborhood enjoy the largest empty space in Tribeca (see above)?

    And a historic oyster barge would be a great addition to either pier.