First Look: Citigroup’s New Headquarters

We’ve known for a while that Citigroup was planning on making 388 and 390 Greenwich its new headquarters, and that work would be involved. But until now we haven’t known exactly what that work entailed. Thanks again to the source who sent these over! (All the renderings get bigger if you click on them.)

As you can see from the rendering above, the plan is to 1) completely redo the façade of 390 Greenwich in glass and 2) glass up much of 388. Below, how it looks from the river—the curtain wall of 388 will match, more or less, than of 390. (The renderings came from a video; the “play” icon is not going to be on the building.)

The plaza in front of Greenwich Street, meanwhile, is going to be completely redone. Wouldn’t have minded a bit more greenery….

Instead, the landscaping budget appears to be going toward the roof deck atop 390 Greenwich (below). One does hope that the new cafeteria, fitness center, and roof deck don’t overly discourage Citi employees from patronizing local businesses.

Finally, the “town square” that will connect the two buildings:

From the memo Citi sent out last week (underline mine):

In recent months, we have begun work to renovate 388/390 Greenwich Street as we undergo a five-year process that will transform the complex into a world-class headquarters by 2019. Once renovations are complete, the buildings will feature a modern design, state-of-the-art technology and will be closely integrated into one unified building.

The final designs for the interior spaces are still being developed, as is the schedule for when additional employees will move to the building. We anticipate that the majority of you who do not work at 388/390 Greenwich Street will continue to work in your current location for the next several years as we approach 2019.

While some plans are still being developed, we’re pleased to share with you some of the preliminary architectural designs, highlighting the building’s exterior as well as the location of some of the shared amenities. Our headquarters will have a dramatically improved lobby with a single entrance, a town square connecting the buildings and a new cafeteria, client center, fitness center and roof terrace. Additionally, the building will be LEED-certified with many sustainable features, and it will foster a stronger connection with the Tribeca neighborhood.

Note: I can’t tell what’s happening to the west side of 388 Greenwich.

back of 388 Greenwich



  1. glad to see the bailout money is producing some visible results….


    “The bank that exposed the federal government to the greatest potential loss during the government bailout was Citigroup, which received a grand total of $476.2 billion in cash and guarantees, according to a new report of the Congressional Oversight Panel which oversees the TARP program.”

  2. Wow, taking two buildings that don’t really fit into the surrounding fabric of 19th century Tribeca stone and brick buildings, and wrapping them in glass, making them look even less appropriate and more out of place…I was thinking for a moment this was a April Fools trick.

    Welcome to midtown.

    And people thought the big red umbrella sculpture stood out too much?

  3. You mean the bailout money that the Fed received a 30% return on? Yeah, you’re right. That’s horrible.

    • Waylon. Do you ever ride in a car or airplane? Because the auto and air companies received government funds that they have no intent of ever paying back. So since you are so righteous I assume you’ll be walking wherever you go. Learn the facts before posting your ignorance

  4. lophat – be careful, your monogrammed Citibank weekend bag and perfectly broken in rainbows are showing.

  5. Good thing the “play” icon is not going to be on the building – it would be the second coming of the light-up Travelers umbrella (anyone remember those days?)

  6. A belated comment to those on the new Brookfield Place:
    Does anyone else find their advertisement with the tall white model towering over the very small Asian man in chef whites awful? So, in addition to the corporate soulless shopping mall they’ve produced, they are just mean.

  7. Is there a contact person/email for this project at Citi? The jackhammering/dump trucks in reverse/large steel items being dropped beginning at 3am and lasting through the morning is terrible for residents in the surrounding areas (especially directly across the street).