A Duane Reade Is Closing

280 BroadwayThe Duane Reade at Broadway and Chambers is closing April 18; shelves are being emptied out, and the pharmacy has already shuttered. It’s not a huge surprise, and not just because there is a Duane Reade two blocks to the north (at Duane) and three blocks to the south (at Park Place)—but because in October of 2012 the listing popped up on Twitter. As always, if anyone knows what’s taking the space, drop a line to tribecacitizen@gmail.com or 917-209-6473.

And thanks to A. for the tip!

UPDATE: “Rumor has it that Modell’s is moving to the Duane Reade space,” says a tipster. UGH. The chain’s current store—in the same building, to the east—is among the trashiest places I can remember, and the bizarrely overlit windows are a menace. And it’s a shame, because a decent sporting goods store would be welcome.

Duane Reade shelves2



  1. It’s a big space. Let’s move the Dept. of Education there giving their current and fabulous space to a more public group like the one it was originally intended for: the Museum of the City of New York.

  2. We could move the Dept of Education there and put a badly needed school in Tweed — but that was suggested and squashed already; DOE blanched, citing Tweed as the sort of space they need to host foreign dignitaries etc.

  3. What a shame. That’s the ORIGINAL duane reade (I think).
    I don’t mind Modells. I’ve successfully bought a bunch of cheap athletic clothes there..although they never have tennis gear unless it’s “tennis season”.

  4. Does that mean Modell’s is expanding or just moving?

    • Moving, was my understanding.

      • You wanna laugh and cry, Erik?

        If Modell’s moves into the Duane Reade space, it’ll be moving into it’s original location which was also the flagship store and that Modell’s was AWESOME. Back then it was a REAL sporting goods store with equipment, sport specific sneakers, and clothes but clothes were secondary. The original Modell’s had a beautiful old sign with the store name in dark red script, very 30s/40s, here (the only photo of the sign I could readily find via Google):


        I wanna say the original location closed sometime in the late ’90s but I forget.

        • Thanks for this — hard to get a sense of the sign but definitely more style than anything Modell’s would do now. Wouldn’t you think that between fitness-crazed Tribecans and their sporty kids, a good sporting goods store could actually do well around here?