A Little Art Deco Razzle-Dazzle to Brighten Your Day

100 Barclay by TCAs you no doubt know, the top 21 floors of the Verizon Building at 140 West are being converted to condos—and being renamed 100 Barclay. Designed by the architect Ralph Walker, the building is handsome, as anyone can tell just by looking at it. But what you may not know is that the lobby is an Art Deco dazzler. Scotty Elyanow, a broker downtown at Town Residential, posted some photos on Instagram.

100 Barclay lobby by scottyely of Town100 Barclay lobby ceiling detail by scottyely100 Barclay details by scottyely100 Barclay light by scottyely100 Barclay by ScottyElyAnd the teaser site has a marvelous rendering of the lobby (love how they diminished the presence of 1 World Trade Center). UPDATE: N says the building to the right is Goldman Sachs’s headquarters.

100 Barclay roof renderingIf anyone out there has more photos of the inside, I’ll gladly add them here.

UPDATE: Lisa Chau posted some nice ones on Instagram.

100 Barclay by Lisa Chau LIsa03755 100 Barclay2 by Lisa Chau Lisa03755 100 Barclay3 by Lisa Chau Lisa03755



  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That last rendering is from the vantage point of 1WTC. The blackish building on the top left is the Goldman Building (the view is north and west, while 1WTC is south of the Verizon building)