Euphoria Spa Is Moving

“Was supposed to go to Euphoria Spa but they canceled my appointment,” emailed Bella yesterday. “They said building was unsafe and they didn’t feel they could work there anymore and were going to relocate. Any idea what’s up?”

I emailed Euphoria’s lovely owner, Kristen Haines, as she was emailing me. Apparently, someone tried to leave the building, 18 Harrison, through a fire exit—only to find that the door wouldn’t open. FDNY inspectors called to the scene immediately declared a vacate order, and there’s the possibility the building will have to do considerable work to get back on its feet. “We’re just happy no one was hurt,” said Haines. “We’ve been looking for a new space for a while—we need to expand—and we’re close to signing a lease. But we’ve been on Harrison Street since 2004, and it will always have a special place in my heart. I even named my son Harrison!”

Obviously, I’ll post details on the new location as soon as they’re announced. In the meantime, best of luck to Kristen and the Euphoria team for a smooth, speedy transition.

As for 18 Harrison, the word is that the owner has been planning on a residential conversion, so this development may only speed that up.



  1. Hi there,
    Any new updates from Euphoria Spa? I have a package there and nobody will respond to my emails! Looking into filing a consumer complaint.

    • I’m in the same boat Sofia. Apparently Ms. Haines had been looking for a new location for quite some time (and not necessarily in Tribeca), but failed to mention this bit of helpful information when I dropped a bundle on several packages. I planned to use all these services in the months leading up to my wedding. Days after I spent ALL THAT CASH, I found out the spa was closed.

      With so much money tied up in that place, I can’t really justify spending even more money at another spa. Ms. Haines hasn’t bothered to provide any information or respond to emails. Seems she’s just taken everyone’s money and closed her doors and may not reopen.

      I’ve recently learned that the spa has had financial troubles for a while so I can’t imagine there’s any hope of getting my money back.

    • Please email with any questions or concerns regarding these issues. I have personally responded to all emails, so please reach out for accurate information. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you so much for your patience!

      • Kristen, we have been emailing and all emails have gone unanswered. Do you have another suggestion as to how we can contact someone at the spa, or who is representing the spa during this transition? I, like many others, have a rather large gift certificate that needs to be rectified. This has been going on for way too long without any end in sight, or resolution offered …… or even a simple response to an email.

  2. I saw several similar comments on Euphoria’s Facebook page about gift certificates and packages. There haven’t been any updates and it seems there’s no way to reach anyone at Euphoria. I’ve contacted my credit card company to see about recouping some of my money. I can’t imagine why they’re treating their customers this way if they plan to reopen somewhere in Tribeca.

  3. I just emailed Kristen at her spa email and her personal. I hope to get a response and sort this out! I have a $500 gift certificate that I cannot use… Thanks for all the info!

  4. I have been trying to get in touch with Kristen for months now, and have sent multiple emails… I have $300 in gift certificates which I need a refund on. The new spa down the block told me that they are still getting people in who are in the same boat after months.

    This is a terrible reflection on the business owner/s.

  5. I’m also in the same boat. Maybe we should gather together a group of people to file a complaint? I’ve emailed Kristen Haines several times now. She responded to one email in August 2015 saying they’ve been blessed with multiple opportunities and they’re trying to decide on the right one. She even feigned asking me if my current email was the best for updates. Of course, I never received a single update. This is criminal what she’s doing and she should answer for it.

  6. Jennifer: I would be happy to file a complaint with you (& any others) as the response or lack thereof has been ridiculous.
    Let’s try to coordinate. Thanks.

  7. See

    “Law enforcement actions are taken by the Attorney General to protect the public good and to ensure a fair market place.

    “However, for individual consumer complaints, the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection offers an informal dispute resolution program for complaints against a merchant or business.”

    • Realize this is an insanely old thread but wondering if anyone had any luck? I got an email reply for her in August 2015 but similar situation to above and never actually got any updates.

      • Same here. Really disappointed as it is completely unethical and shows a complete disregard for previously loyal customers. Any updates from anyone? Any resolutions?