In the News: Imperial Coffee House Not Getting Developed Yet

••• More on 108 Chambers, where Imperial Coffee House was: It was bought today by Greystone, which plans on building condos there—but, amazingly, not yet. Former owner “Ashkenazy just arranged two leases that will fill the retail space at 108 Chambers St. for the next decade.” —Crain’s

••• Forgotten New York looks at the history of the one-block alley Franklin Place. Apparently Franklin Street, before being renamed in honor of Ben, was called Sugarloaf or Sugar Loaf Street.

••• The New York Times recaps the revitalization of Battery Park City. No news, though.

••• “The NYPD recently told a Lower Manhattan newsstand owner [at 88 Fulton] to cover up his salacious selection of adult magazines after 15 years of selling them in the area. […] ‘I moved in last year and passed by him every day and think it’s just disgusting,’ said Nick Soh, 23.” —DNAinfo

••• Neighbors came out against of the proposed Hotel Indigo at 8 Maiden Lane that lights up like a clock; the developer didn’t see it coming. —Curbed

••• “A rare peak inside Schermerhorn Row’s 19th-Century Hotels.” (That’s in the Seaport.) —Curbed



  1. Two retail businesses in 108 Chambers…I can only imagine what they’ll be, probably gross.

    Since when can cops tell anyone to “cover up” anything? Freedom of speech/press? His newsstand isn’t a porno shop which has to abide by certain laws re: display of goods. I’d tell them I’m not covering up shit.

    Hey Nick Soh if you don’t like it don’t look at it. Since when did 23 year olds living in New York become such mamby pambys? And I love how this guy just moved here last year (rich kid probably unless he still lives with his parents what else?) and he’s complaining when uhhh didn’t you check out the neighborhood and see this place before you rented your minimum $2000 shoebox? ‘Love (hate) the “I want it to be just like where I moved here from” attitude.

  2. The degree of judgment in that “New Yorkers are too hip to judge” diatribe is impressive.

  3. I don’t like profiling…….

  4. No girlie mags on display?
    Where to begin…
    Can we take down the sexist Calvin Klein ads that have been confusing young girls for decades too?
    I guess this fellow likes to view his porn in the privacy of his own home.
    I’m so on the fence about this…complain, complain, complain…