Seen & Heard: 30 Park Place’s Concrete Curtain Wall

••• Like a good little hyperlocal blogger, I was ready at 10 a.m. yesterday to buy my ticket to the One World Observatory at 1 World Trade Center; at 9:59 a.m., I was able to access the ticketing part of the website. I chose my non-premium ticket, declined the add-ons (commemorative pin, souvenir photo, some sort of app), and entered all my contact info and my credit card details—only to be told that I needed to recheck my credit card data. But it still wouldn’t work. Then I spent 15 minutes watching the site flounder—I could only occasionally get as far as the calendar to choose a date. And then I finally broke through: sold out till mid-June. So I give up! I sent an email saying it’d be swell to be on the attraction’s media radar; maybe they’ll invite me over.

••• From Notify NYC: “There will be a fireworks display off Liberty Island [today], April 9, at 9:45 p.m.”

••• Here’s a close-up of the 30 Park Place concrete curtain wall, if you’re interested. (Click to enlarge.) The big trucks hauling them in have been parking a lot on Broadway—and yesterday, on W. Broadway alongside Bogardus Garden—and it would be so nice if they would turn off their engines while they wait.

30 Park Place curtain wall••• Press release: “This coming Saturday, April 11, Conception Art Show will bring over 35 local and international artists to the Varick Room at Tribeca Cinemas. Their unique approach [involves] bringing fine art direct to collectors without the involvement of expensive gallery commissions.” It’s “7 p.m. to late. Tickets $15 pre-sale or $20 at the door.”

••• How do we feel about the zig-zag windows on the left side of 33 Beekman?

33 Beekman••• Not Tribeca-related, but how awesome would it be to have this at Whole Foods? It’s lobby art at 666 Third Ave.



  1. I’m not sure why the One World Observatory is supposed to be sold out till mid-June! I bought 2 regular tickets yesterday afternoon around 3pm and was immediately successful. Also looks likes it’s working now.

  2. What happens when you get there in June and the observation deck is clouded in and there is nothing to observe. Can you get your money back? Why don’t they just sell them on the same day so you know what weather you are getting.

    • No refunds.

      They won’t sell tickets day of because most people including x amount of tourists aren’t risking going all the way down there to get shut out.

      I mean if you think the first come first served ghoul lines to see the WTC site were bad imagine how bad FCFS lines would be for the observation deck. Who’d want to wait in those lines save people with all the time in the world to?

  3. What happens is you sell them for twice the rate to tourists who planned poorly.

  4. I tried to get tickets yesterday at 10am (gave up at 10:30) for my son & I. The site would only register adult tickets. Doesn’t anyone test sites anymore before opening them to the public? Do they really need to beta test a website (ala Apple products) by now?!

  5. Those zigzag windows are pretty terrible…