Zoie’s Cafe Has Closed

Zoies CafeAfter 13 years, Zoie’s Café, the breakfast and lunch spot at 49 Beach, has closed; the space is already being demolished. I never actually set foot inside, but the “Best Food in Tribeca” sign posted outside always made me smile—until yesterday, when it was parked above a heap of garbage bags.

Zoies cafe signZoies Cafe sign2



  1. So sad. Food was decent. Any word on who is coming in?. Was the cafe sold or the building?. The note is a little confusing.

  2. I wonder if Morgan’s Market the oldest deli in the neighborhood will be the last one standing five years from now.

  3. the workers at beach street cafe told me a pizza place was going there – could it be the pizza place closing on greenwich?

  4. Possibly. It was mentioned on this site that Tribeca Pizzeria was gonna try to find a new space in the neighborhood.