Seen & Heard: Cannon Blasts Tomorrow

••• From Notify NYC: ” In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, cannons will be fired from Castle Clinton in Battery Park tomorrow, Saturday, April 11. The celebratory cannon fire will occur at 11: a.m., 12 p.m., and 1 p.m. Audible cannon fire may be heard in the area.”

••• Varick and W. Broadway are getting milled next week, and then resurfaced. (Thank to N for noticing the flyer.)

Varick and WBway milling by N••• From ARC Athletics: “Announcing a New Youth Training Program for kids and teens run by City Coach Multisport & ARC Athletics Tribeca. Kids learn the fundamentals of strength training and cardio endurance. Our team of certified athletic trainers and endurance coaches deliver a complete approach to youth fitness training.” It’s for ages 12 through 18 and it kicks off April 21. More info.

••• “What’s the story with this low-key telephone sales storefront with the aerial antenna on the roof?” emailed a reader about 132 W. Broadway. “It’s in the swankiest part of Tribeca. What’s the deal? Why hasn’t it been developed or sold or rented?” I don’t have a clue, actually, and I’ve learned over the years that people who have been here forever don’t like being asked how they manage to hold on. But the other day, I did notice the door was open…. Click to enlarge. You’ll see lots and lots of… boxes.

••• Mean to mention: I added a new “Opening Someday” section in the left column. The links generally go to the tag archive page for each item, because that’s where you’re likely to find the latest news on it.

••• Finally made it to Lot 77, the new-ish Japanese bakery that’s kind of at Fulton and Gold (it’s in Southbridge Towers, so the building’s edge isn’t right at the corner). It’s much bigger than I expected—and nicer, too. Naturally, I couldn’t resist the “elegant pastry.”

lot 77 facadeLot 77 roomLot 77 elegant pastry


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  1. Lot 77 is “Japanese-style”, but is Korean owned and run. I was surprised to learn that the company running it also owns the Fulton Street Market. I’ve never been quite clear about how that is connected to the Key Food supermarket downstairs.