Art in General Is Leaving

Art in GeneralAt the end of the year, nonprofit incubator/gallery Art in General is leaving its space at 79 Walker (at Cortlandt Alley), reports Artnet. “Since its inception [in 1981], Art in General┬áhas been located in the General Tools building at 79 Walker, occupying the fourth and sixth floors, which are used as exhibition and office space, respectively. In 2003, General Tools donated the storefront to be used as a gallery. General Tools will also be moving, and plans for the future of the building remain unknown.” General Tools also has 80 White, which abuts 79 Walker to the south. Given the pace of change in northeast Tribeca, the smart money says condos.

As for Art in General, it’s looking for a new space.

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  1. Smarter money says something special is coming.