In the News: Tribeca Film Festival Founders vs. the Mayor’s Office

••• Tribeca Film Festival founders Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal think that the city should offer financial support to the festival. ”

“I don’t have many opinions on de Blasio at this point,” says De Niro, shaking his head in frustration. “We don’t get any support at this point. There’s nothing.”

“I have no opinion, too,” adds Rosenthal, “and that should tell you what my opinion is.”

As for the gentrification of Tribeca, “It’s an evolution that’s bound to happen,” says De Niro. “Things evolve. New York was what it was when we did Taxi Driver, it was what it was before that, and it is what it is now. I think each generation or half-generation of the city changes, and people always look back and say, ‘Oh, there were good things and not-so-good things,’ and that’s just how it is. It’s so big and so complicated, you just have to take it moment to moment.” —Daily Beast

••• In response, the New York Post got the city on the line: “From the festival’s inception, New York City has worked closely with the Tribeca Film Festival,” Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen said in a statement. “The de Blasio administration has not only remained supportive, but this year increased promotional funding to more than $300,000. We look forward to a great festival this year and building further on our productive partnership.”

••• Birch Coffee has chosen New York by Gehry for its fifth outpost; the entrance will be on Beekman. —Downtown Express

••• USA Today’s “10 Best” site came up with an unexpected list of top Tribeca restaurants. They’ll be wanting to factcheck the images of Bubby’s and Landmarc.

••• There will be a new historical marker on Wall Street about “how, for centuries, New York City was built on the backs of slaves. It will be the city’s first acknowledgement on a sign designed for public reading that in the 1700s New York had an official location for buying, selling, and renting human beings.” —WNYC


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  1. As to USA Today, they’ll also want to fact check the photo of Bouley. The photo shows pedestrian restaurant dishes and silverware (plus dessert/presentation) — far from the fine quality at Bouley (especially the Chocolate Frivolous).