Seen & Heard: Parm Update

••• Get on over to City Hall Park for some magnolia action (if it’s not too late already). Photo by afeild. (Just learned this photo was taken at Federal Plaza, but whatever, there are magnolias at both places.)

magnolias in City Hall Park by afeild••• A reader who chatted up a construction worker at the Parm opening in Brookfield Place says we can expect it to open in four to five weeks.

••• An announcement from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development: “Qualified non-profit organizations will have access to $11.8 million in funding for the acquisition and preservation of affordable housing south of Houston Street in Lower Manhattan.”

••• A TC reader is looking for an alcove studio or 1-bedroom apartment rental for a July move-in, one-year lease. If anyone knows of any good places to look for apartments under $2,900, any and all tips would be greatly appreciated. (Send them to and I’ll forward accordingly.)

••• An Indiegogo campaign worth noting: “Help found the new Shakespeare theatre at Castle Clinton in New York City. We hope you will be a part of creating New York City’s own Globe Theatre at Castle Clinton. We have started a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit Shakespeare theatre company in Lower Manhattan, Shakespeare Downtown. The National Park Service has granted us permission to stage a free Shakespeare play every summer for four weeks at Castle Clinton National Monument in Battery Park. Like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Castle Clinton is in the open-air, in the round, on the water. There will be seating for 300 people a night for a total audience of 6,000—a new Shakespeare in the Park. The first production, Romeo and Juliet, is set to open on June 2 and to run through June 27 (Tuesdays through Saturdays) from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.”



  1. 11.8 million? In Tribeca, that’ll subsidize maybe 10 apartments for maybe 10 years. Not nothing, but not much.

  2. Not quite Tribeca, but just west of the park had some decent deals.