An Update on American Flatbread

American FlatbreadI just spoke with Tribeca Rooftop owner Billy Reilly, who said in no uncertain terms that he is abandoning the plan to open an event space at the American Flatbread location at Hudson and Desbrosses. Instead, he’s looking at looking at different restaurant options. And he has zero interest in the Mr. Locks storefront next door, despite the report that came in yesterday. (Of course, Mr. Locks could still very well be getting squeezed out by a rent increase.) Consequently, there will likely be no discussion of the American Flatbread venue at the May meeting of Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee.

“I personally don’t believe that catering would be as bad as the neighbors would,” he said. “But I’m listening to all their concerns and acting appropriately. I didn’t have that meeting not to listen to them! I’ve been here for 18 years, and I’m trying to be a good neighbor.”

He also said that when he has a new concept lined up for the American Flatbread space, you’ll read about it here first—so stay tuned.



  1. I second that!

  2. Great, if I the plan to abandon the expansion of his catering venue is true. I’ll believe it when I see it. He did *not* appear to be a great listener at the meeting. I did not get that vibe *at all.* Is there any possibility that he’s saying this now in a publication so many of us read as a strategy to ensure that none of us directly impacted by the noise, traffic, loud music at late hours, detritus strewn on the streets after parties and intoxicated/inconsiderate pedestrians leaving parties show up for the next CBM? The CB would likely approve a catering venue plan if no neighbors are there to voice concerns. Just sayin’.

  3. This does smell like some sort of ruse. I agree with Jolene.

  4. I would truly like to believe what he says,
    To be sure, let’s all stay on top of it.

  5. There needs to be an upscale deli like Essen that opens here as there are many offices workers/students in the building and there is no where to get a quick bite or coffee. Also, this type of business could close after dark (ie. no drunk people).