In the News: Vespa Showroom Opening Here

75 Nassau rendering••• Rendering for the 40-story tower at 75 Nassau, behind the Fulton Center. It’s by ODA Architecture. —New York YIMBY

••• At a Tribeca Film Festival celebration of Goodfellas, director Martin “Scorsese also recalled that a Tribeca restaurant he and Pileggi used to frequent before they made the film shut its doors to them after the film’s release, because the owner took exception to the film’s portrayal ‘of a certain ethnic group.'” The logical guess is Ponte’s—and that this is a prime example of “do as I say and not as I do.”Vulture

••• “The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation endorsed naming the still unbuilt West Thames Bridge after Downtown Alliance chairman Robert Douglass.” —Broadsheet

••• Another day, another dead body pulled from the Hudson. This one was discovered near North Cove Marina. —DNAinfo

••• The former site of the Hotel Particulier gallery at 4-6 Grand Street (at Varick) will become a Vespa dealership. —Wall Street Journal


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  1. Regarding item #2: there are other possibilities, @tribecacitizen.

    You have not yet learned the two greatest things in life…