Seen & Heard: The Rest of Le District Opens This Week

••• The final market part of Le District is due to open this Friday (May 1).

••• There are film-shoot signs on upper Church for “Tidal Downtown Concert.” I think it’s tonight’s J. Cole show, which must be at the Tribeca Grand. The new streaming service is simulcasting it.

••• It looks like the reconstruction of Chambers involves replacing cobra head streetlights with ye olde ones.

Chambers Church lamppost••• Google “30 Park Place” and you get an ad for 111 Murray (“One Eleven”), the forthcoming tower at West. The teaser site (“Modernism lives in Tribeca”) is only a form to “register.” If you decide to do that, let me know if they send you anything interesting.

••• Good news from By Suzette, the creperie on Chambers: “We are opening our second Manhattan location in June at 494 Eighth Ave. (between 34th and 35th Street). It will have about 45 seats. Thanks to our second round of investments, while we are building this store, we are close to finalizing three other locations in Manhattan (two in Midtown and one on the Upper East Side) and two in New Jersey/Pennsylvania malls. Moreover, we are negotiating a partnership to open five locations in Miami in 2016.”

••• M.M. De Voe of Pen Parentis caught a glimpse of charming old signage uncovered during the renovation of 7 Maiden Lane.

7 Maiden Lane by MM De Voe••• I ran across a TripAdvisor page (with a review from 2012…) for long-gone restaurant Riverrun. Someone want to break the news to them?

••• Scoop put up signage at Brookfield Place saying it’ll open this summer.

Scoop••• UPS is working my last nerve.

UPS on Broadway



  1. Does that UPS driver actually trust those grates to hold the weight of a truck?

  2. I feel for the UPS and USPS workers…where else are they supposed to park to deliver our packages? I’m a Citibike rider and they are BY FAR the most polite when dealing with cyclists and bike lanes…just sayin’!