Tribeca Pizzeria Has Closed

Tribeca Pizzeria signTribeca Pizzeria has closed a few days earlier than expected. They left a nice sign.

And that leaves quite the series of storefronts to be filled. The door has been open often at what was Josephine—anyone know anything?

It’s a shame they can’t bring forward the retail spaces somehow—the way they’re recessed makes them darker and less inviting than they might be. And of course the initial decision to have the parking garage entrance cut across a wide sidewalk, even if at the time it wasn’t as much of a thoroughfare, was a terrible one.

IPN storefrontsUPDATE: There have been lots of great messages in the comments, but perhaps the best reaction to the news of Tribeca Pizzeria’s closing comes from Josh Wolfe on Instagram. “I arbitraged nostalgia, cornered market on chicken rolls,” he wrote. And then on Twitter: “My pedestrian palette knows 1 thing: chicken rolls. I sampled widely. They were NYC’s best.”

Tribeca Pizzeria chicken rolls by Josh Wolfe



  1. Devastated. My family has been enjoying Tribeca PIzza since 1995 until this week. I’m so sad to see Louie and the gang gone. I love the growth in Tribeca but does every single long-term business have to be forced out in order to achieve growth?

  2. That was one of the few pizzerias I could go to for just regular pizza. Everything around here seems to be either the fancy kind or the cheap $1.00 ones.

    • Pizza in Tribeca suuuucks…the neighborhood just lost it’s only good pizzeria.

      If you want good pizza nearby you’ll have to go to Ben’s Pizzeria at MacDougal and W.3rd Streets and John’s Pizzeria Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.

  3. What sad news. Spoke with Louie on his last day and he had tears in his eyes. What a loss…

    • Terrible to read.

      What if Tribeca Pizzeria moved into one of the smaller empty storefronts in the IPN mall? Perhaps in the Kim’s Cleaners space? Just an idea.

      • Spoke to Steve, the owner, he said he is DONE! Going to Palm Springs for a few weeks then he’s going to do something different. Good guys and great pizza.. They will be missed!

        • Hey, twenty years is a nice run and I’m guessing Steve is nearing retirement age so I could see him not wanting to reopen at a new place. All the best to him. I would like to see someone carry on the name.

      • We lived in Tribeca for 15 years before moving to Summit NJ – I would often swing by on my way home to Summit to pick up a few pies for the kids – or my wife and I would swing by, put in an order for a few pies then swing to Hideaway for a quick drink before picking up our food. We will miss you !

  4. Greedy landlord hogging all the storefronts on the block. Duane Reade can afford rent increases because their other stores with more business than on Greenwich St. make up their losses.

    Agreed about the unfortunate recessed design! Awful windswept tornado winds on that side of the street especially in front of closed Josephine. We’re the owners ever there in the winter before renting that space? Food Emporium next? Not that I’d miss them….

  5. Obviously the residents of Tribeca didn’t buy enough Pizza to keep him in business and to afford the high rent of NEW YORK CITY! Put the blame where it belongs.

  6. Would you pay $10 for a slice?

  7. The bottom line to all this is Vornado, who has 51% of Independence Plaza, is getting ready to sell the development. They want all the stores out, including Tribeca Pizza. It’s all about greed – nothing else. Better to have empty commercial space in a sale for them. The Deli and Tribeca Pizza will be sorely missed by all of us.

  8. Meh. Pizza was just alright, and everything else, the salads, pasta, were mediocre. Plus the place was sort of run down.

  9. Keith & Dead Vulture, shame on you! The pizzeria may not have lived up to your high faluting expectations but this was a well loved place for the neighborhood. The neighborhood which has been slowly disintegrating to not a real neighborhood where everyone knows everyone & you can walk down a street where there are not a hundred strollers pushed by nannies, not dozens of papparazzi blocking the sidewalks, real Mom & Pop stores instead of chain stores, Low rise buildings instead of ugly, boring highrise & the list goes on.

  10. The pizzeria was great. Our kids went there during “out lunch” and the crew was always great–they knew the kids and didn’t run them out for being loud or taking up too many seats.