A Preview of the Four Seasons Hotel

After our visit to the World Trade Center showroom, the folks at Silverstein Properties took us up to the 33rd floor of 7 World Trade Center, home to the sales office for the 30 Park Place condos. The “us” isn’t royal; I was piggybacking on a group of students from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration.

The sample rooms, spiffy as they were, were not the highlight for me. (I did laugh when one of the students announced that he couldn’t imagine his still hypothetical kids ever living in such a place. They should be so lucky!) No, I was all about the model of the building, designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, and a couple of cross-sections. The part that’s lit up below is the hotel section. The rest is residential.

30 Park Place modelHere’s the top of the hotel section (all of these photos get bigger if you click on them, and it’s worth it to see the details):

30 Park Place Four Seasons top of hotel part of modelAnd here’s the top of the 82-story building:

30 Park Place Four Seasons top of building modelTwo views of the plaza to the east of the building (I don’t know what the obelisk is about—maybe it’s a fountain?):

30 Park Place Four Seasons aerial from Barclay 30 Park Place Four Seasons plaza modelThe condo entrance on Park Place:

30 Park Place Four Seasons from Park PlaceThe hotel restaurant entrance on Church:

30 Park Place Four Seasons ground floor Church StreetAnd the main hotel entrance on Barclay:

30 Park Place Four Seasons entrance on BarclayThen there were cross-sections of the ground floor and the spa floor. Here’s a close-up of the door directly above. You get a nice sense of the details.

30 Park Place Four Seasons windowThe ground floor:

30 Park Place Four Seasons first floor model from aboveThe lobby seating area:

30 Park Place Four Seasons lobby seating modelThe bar (including a view through the window):

30 Park Place Four Seasons bar model from above30 Park Place Four Seasons bar model windowAnd the restaurant—the broker said a chef would be announced soon.

30 Park Place Four Seasons restaurant model from aboveFinally, there was another cross-section of the spa level—since there are windows, I think we can assume it’s not below grade. The pool is 25 yards, and it’s for hotel guests and residents.

30 Park Place Four Seasons pool 30 Park Place Four Seasons spaThe broker said the building would be done in about a year.



  1. Perhaps the most pleasing of all the new buildings going up downtown, and dare I say better than anything up on 57th street. And, I love the throw pillow scalies on the sofas.

  2. This is a welcome addition to the neighborhood (it’s technically in Financial District), great architecture and far enough south that it doesn’t look odd in a sea of 5 story buildings. When I look at this building I admire it, when I look at 56 Leonard I cringe.

  3. I think the developer would disagree with Rafael about the building’s neighborhood. It is described as a “perfect TriBeCa home” right on the opening page. Not saying whether or not that’s true, just pointing out how it’s being marketed.