In the News: North Cove Marina Still in Limbo

••• The Broadsheet goes after the BPCA again: “Three months after the Battery Park City Authority sparked widespread outrage by taking North Cove Marina away from the local resident and small businessman who operated highly regarded community programs there for more than a decade, and giving the facility (which is legally mapped as parkland) to a pair of companies that were major contributors to the reelection campaign of Governor Andrew Cuomo (who oversees the BPCA), the Authority has yet to sign a contract with the companies it selected to operate the marina, and is unable to announce opening dates for any of the public benefits that it promised would result from this decision.”

••• New York Times class-warfare columnist Genia Bellafante notes that the birth rate is up in affluent neighborhoods like Tribeca. “Two years ago the city’s Human Resources Administration issued a series of subway ads meant to drive down teenage pregnancy rates in poor communities. The ads showed babies lecturing prospective mothers that, for instance, their boyfriends would eventually leave them. […] Perhaps those ads could be recast and targeted at Tribeca mothers with small children, warning them of the tough realities: ‘You may think you want a fourth child. But what if your husband never buys you that four-bedroom apartment and never says yes to the weekend nanny?'” You cry a lot and refuse to put out, obviously.

••• Work is finally starting on the Cortlandt Street subway station; completion might be by 2018. It’ll have lots of word art by Ann Hamilton. —New York Times

••• The FiDi Fan Page on the 100 Broad retail space: “The ‘For Rent’ signs have finally come down and some ‘building permit’ notices have gone up. Does anyone know what it finally coming to this space? Interestingly, the photo attached to the listing shows an outdoor restaurant/bar scene on the roof.”

••• A member of FiDi Fan Page says the Chipotle on South End Ave. in Battery Park City opens May 10.


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  1. Yes, well the BPCA is composed of a bunch of crooks. Who is surprised by this info?