You’ll Never Guess Who’s Moving into Telepan Local

As soon as I was done getting excited about the Two Hands Australian café coming to Tribeca, I kept reading the Community Board 1 agendas for May (which I’ll post soon, maybe Monday morning). And two items down was a big one:

329 Greenwich Street, application for wine and beer license for Muse Tribeca, LLC d/b/a Muse Paintbar

329 Greenwich is the former Telepan Local space. Muse Paintbar, meanwhile, is kind of like Color Me Mine, but with food and drinks. From the about page:

Muse combines painting instruction with a restaurant & bar. We host painting sessions each week (see our events calendar) that are open to the public and anybody can attend. See more information about our regular sessions. We can also work with you to set up private parties for birthdays, bachelorette parties, work events, fundraisers, kids’ parties or any other occasion. […] Muse is managed by Stan Finch (President & Co-Founder) and Vanessa Leigh, the Lead Artist. We also have several other fantastic local artists that will help you find your inspiration in any of our locations.

The six other locations are in New England; this is the first one in New York. We’ll learn more when they present their wine-and-beer license at the CB1 Tribeca Committee on May 13.

courtesy Muse Paintbar3 courtesy Muse Paintbar2 courtesy Muse Paintbar



  1. Bachelorette parties? Are they kidding?

  2. Paintball would be more fun..

  3. I’m just a little sad to see how the adults all painted virtually the same painting.
    But I’m happy to see that the kids, when presented with the same assignment, take their own creative license. If this is a statement about growing up, then I don’t want to.