Seen & Heard: A Scouting Visit to Two Hands

••• Landmarc‘s Marc Murphy has published his first cookbook: Season with Authority.

Season with Authority••• I went to Two Hands on Mott Street in the name of research, since it’s opening a second outpost on Church. It’s pretty adorable, and the food was very good. I ordered corn fritters (with avocado, spinach, sour cream, and pickled beets; pictured below); avocado toast; and a smoothie with banana, dates, cinnamon, and almond milk. The only off note was when the server highlighted the suggested tip amounts at the bottom of the receipt. Obviously, she must have mistaken me for a European. (Also: Even though I posted the menu before, I hadn’t noticed that they make milkshakes…!)

Two Hands corn fritters••• A friendly reminder to buy your tickets now for Taste of Tribeca—it’s next Saturday, May 16. Also: “New this year is a Beer Tour of Tribeca​, hosted by Church Publick, Reade Street Pub, The Hideaway, Warren 77, and Woodrow’s, with beers and ciders presented by local producers:
KelSo Beer Co, Gun Hill Brewing, Bronx Brewery, Catskill Brewery, and Sovereign Cider.”

••• Añejo sent over the menus for its downstairs den, Abajo (opening Friday night).

Abajo food menu Abajo drinks menu••• A reader says the rumor for the storefront at 145 Nassau (at Beekman) is that it’ll be a real estate sales office—possibly for the Beekman, if work needs to start on the restaurant space that its sales office is currently in.

••• The free Global Beat Festival is back at Brookfield Place this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Lineup here.

••• Adam and I were excited by the Verizon building at 375 Pearl the other evening—just forget how sad that sounds for a second—because it looked less grim than usual. We were sure the dark windows weren’t caused by a shadow, and that the building was in the process of lightening the windows. But during the day it looks the same as it ever did. Could it be that the dark windows have yet to be opened?

Verizon Building windows


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  1. Re: Añejo The problem with amusing drink names is that I want to try them all, just for the fun of trying to order with a straight face. And they do sound good.