First Look: The New Part of the World Trade Center PATH Station

WTC PATH main level1Platform B at the World Trade Center PATH station opened this morning—the signs call it platforms 2/3—but the platform itself is not the dramatic part. (Nice as it is, it looks like Platform A, which opened in February of 2014.) What’s new is on the level above, which leads down to the platforms. Before, you only saw a slice of the vaulted, ribbed Calatrava ceiling; now you get the full soaring effect. Also neat: As you enter this space, wander over to the left, where you can see through the mesh how this will lead to the Oculus. The map helps, too.

The lighting is better than it looks here (my camera gets confused by it), but it’s not quite as dazzling as it coudld be. Sort of like in the passageway between the PATH station and Brookfield Place, where the crisp, white, futuristic light has been dimmed.

UPDATE: A daily rider sent over a pic of the signage at the bottom of the post: “Two new entrances are key additions as there is way too much pedestrian congestion at rush hour right now.”

WTC PATH main level2WTC PATH main level3WTC PATH stairs to platformWTC PATH platform 2 and 3WTC PATH platform 2 and 3 againWTC PATH signage