Seen & Heard: Grand Banks Returns to Pier 25 Today

••• Just like 174 Duane, 188 Duane is being marketed as a single-family mansion: “Two of the residential units have rent stabilized tenants, while the other is free market. With an additional 3,000 square feet of air rights, the possibilities are wide open to incorporate a generously-sized 5th floor addition or wonderful rooftop deck.”

188 Duane••• As promised, Komanoff spoke with Ken Podziba of Bike New York, the organizers of the Five Boro Bike Tour. “Thanks for the heads-up about this,” was Podziba’s response. “I was under the impression that the city, through the Community Affairs Office, was in touch with the residents. We received more complaints from residents this year than in the past—not sure why—but we need to collectively do a better job notifying and engaging the residents impacted by the noise. I will talk to my communications and events teams to find out what was done, if anything, with respect to the residents and develop a better communications/community relations plan. We’re obviously going to continue being there for Year 39 and beyond but it’s inexcusable to ignore their concerns if that’s what we’ve been doing—and for this I apologize on behalf of Bike New York.” It’s appreciated. I agree with Jean Grillo’s comment: There used to be something magical about going outside and discovering hundreds of cyclists amassing for the ride; the amplified music and patter ruined that.

••• Grand Banks returns to Pier 25 this afternoon; it’ll open late next week.

••• I was standing on W. Broadway, looking at a parked Murray’s Cheese Shop van and willing the company to open a store in the Bubble Lounge space, when two NYPD cars made the illegal right from White to W. Broadway. (One, as you can see above, was #3980. They briefly turned their flashing lights on for the turn, then turned them right back off.) Then a black Escalade-type of car did it. Honestly, one of these days I’m going to sit there for a few hours and get photos of every single one.

NYPD 3980 making illegal turn••• A film called Custody is filming around Franklin/Church the rest of this week. From Variety: “Hayden Panettiere and Ellen Burstyn have joined Viola Davis and Catalina Sandino Moreno in James Lapine’s courtroom drama Custody. Tony Shalhoub, Raul Esparza and Dan Fogler have also been cast. […] The film follows three women whose lives unexpectedly intersect at a New York Family Court.”

••• The cobblestones of N. Moore between W. Broadway and Varick appear to have been partially paved over with blacktop. (Someone on Twitter said that all of N. Moore got the treatment—I didn’t happen to walk that far west.)

NMoore paving



  1. North Moore from Varick to Hudson did get black top a few weeks ago, but the Hudson to Greenwich block had a completely new resurfacing of cobblestones completed in the past year.

    BTW, the beginning of the block from Varick to Hudson must have some sort of water leak underneath it, as every few years a sinkhole opens up in the middle of the street. As they did not correct that problem before repaving, expect to see that part of the street sinking again over time.

  2. Oh no, what will happen to the Nili Lotan store when 188 Duane sells?

    • The commercial lease could not end for a while. And even if it does end soon, a new owner might prefer having a tenant on the ground floor. Then again, this could explain why Lotan opened a showroom/store/whatever it is on Walker….

  3. FYI: I’ve been living on Warren Street between Church and Broadway since 1999 and I could tell Ken Podziba of Bike New York one reason why he got more complaints from residents this year than in the past:

    There are more residents!

    It’s not rocket science.