Seen & Heard: The NYPD Finally Found a Home for the WTC Substation

1st precinct••• A few items of significant interest got added to Community Board 1’s May agendas: including that the NYPD has finally found a home (90 West) for the World Trade Center Command Substation. Remember, the 1st Precinct stables at Varick and Ericsson Place were moved to make room for the WTC Command Substation. In May of 2011, the NYPD promised the stables would come back in 18 months—but will they really convert the substation back into stables? (90 West [above right], meanwhile, is a stunning Cass Gilbert design, at the corner of Albany; it’s known as the West Street Building, according to the plaque on the side.)

—Planning Committee (tonight, May 11): 195 Notice of Intent to Acquire Office Space: a) NYPD, 375 Pearl Street, Federal Monitor and Inspector General & supporting staff; b) NYPD, 90 West Street, Relocation of World Trade Center Command Substation

—Tribeca Committee (May 13): Upcoming events at Pier 26 – Announcement by Tom Lindon, Vice President of Marketing & Events, Hudson River Park Trust

UPDATE 5/14: I just heard from the NYPD; I confused the WTC command center (currently on Varick, where it will remain, at least for now) and the substation, which used to be in the World Center Hotel and is what’s moving to 90 West.

••• While I was on West Street, I checked in on 50 West. The curved windows (and the bend at floor 6-9) are neat.

50 West••• Lots of film-shoot flyers up along Greenwich and Jay/Duane etc. for tomorrow and Wednesday. They say “Half Shell” but that’s code for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

••• The construction crews that started re-digging up Chambers last week gave those of us in the area a bad case of the blues. No clue what’s happening on that project anymore, and this update from the DDC doesn’t totally clear it up. (They didn’t do the sewer work when the road was open?) We need to see “final paving” and “restoration of two-way traffic” on that schedule.

Chambers reconstruction timeline update••• Press release from the South Street Seaport: “The eight Smorgasburg vendors for the summer 2015 season [May 21 through mid-October] include past favorites such as Cemita’s Mexican sandwiches, Milk Truck grilled cheese, Pizza Moto and Red Hook Lobster Pound. They’ll be joined by several newcomers to the Seaport: Lonestar Empire slow-smoked Texas-style brisket, Lumpia Shack Filipino spring rolls, the renowned Ramen Burger and Schnitz breaded-chicken sandwiches. […] The Seaport Smorgasburg Bar, also designed by Guild, boasts two tap towers paired with four beer taps and eight bar stools per tower. Semi-exposed, the bar will enable guests to enjoy their beverages under a shading canopy. The bar will also feature a variety of goods on a rotational basis, including Brooklyn Oyster Party, The Good Batch ice cream sandwiches, Kelvin Slush Co. and People’s Pops.”

••• Details below on City Winery’s Hudson Square Music & Wine Festival. July 14: Joe Pug!

City Winery Music and Wine Festival



  1. Did the film crew for “Half Shell” actually spray paint green turtle heads on the building on Staple Street weeks before filming? Vandals or coincidence?

  2. The building owner or another concerned neighbor should clean the walls of turtle heads this evening. The answer to the above question should become immediately clear.