Just Salad Is Opening Here

Just Salad at the Woolworth BuildingJust Salad is opening on the Park Place side of the Woolworth Building. I was going to post this news in a Seen & Heard roundup, because it involves a not very notable fast-food chain and a fringe-y corner of Tribeca, but then I remembered that (a) I know at least one person who thinks Just Salad is just super; and (b) as the New York Post reminds us, Park Place is coming up fast, with four significant developments (19 Park Place, 30 Park Place, 45 Park Place, and the Woolworth Building itself) in the works. There’s a bit of a tension brewing between the high-end residences and the chain restaurants—Lenny’s, Aroma, Pret a Manger, etc.—hoping to feed the World Trade Center workforce.

P.S. Despite its name, Just Salad also serves wraps, soups, and smoothies.