In the News: Historic Seaport Buildings at Risk of Demolition

Maple chilled soba noodle bowl••• I tend not to read articles about Momofuku chef David Chang—he burps, and it’s a headline—so I missed that his new delivery service, Maple, is starting out by only delivering below Chambers. “This is the service that doesn’t deliver from any specific restaurant, but instead […] promises restaurant quality meals from a menu developed by big name chefs. Chang is of course one of those chefs, but he’s also signed on Mark Ladner, Brooks Headley, and Dan Kluger to serve on its board of directors and weigh in on the food.” —Eater

••• The New York City Economic Development Corporation is removing parts of two historic Seaport buildings, saying they’re unsound, and things could get a lot worse. From a statement: “The demolition of the cooler area is a first step and will allow EDC and the other agencies to more fully evaluate  the remaining portions of the structure and determine what additional measures are needed, which may include full or partial demolition of the Tin and New Market buildings. Changes to the Tin Building will be handled according to the appropriate procedure as determined by LPC and SHPO.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• Heather Hensl, the victim of a hit-and-run by Spruce Street School, told Downtown Express about her experience. “Hensl said that the police investigation has ‘moved very slowly.’ It took a week and a half to run the plates, she said. The partial plate was traced to a woman in New Jersey. The police, she says, also have footage of her car on the Brooklyn Bridge. While the police have identified the car, witnesses cannot positively say who was driving due to tinted windows. The same car was also involved in an incident in Brooklyn where an elderly woman was hit about 30 minutes after Hensl was struck on Beekman St. […] Since the [driver] lives in New Jersey, [Hensl] said she was told that there was a jurisdiction issue—if it had been a more serious crime, such as a homicide, things would be different.”

••• Despite rumors it was headed for 3 World Trade Center, Anthony Bourdain’s street-food-hall is in negotiations for space at Pier 57, which is at W. 15th St. —Commercial Observer

••• “The state Senate threw dog owners a tasty bone Wednesday by passing a bill that allows their pooches to tag along to outdoor cafes. […] Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a well-known animal lover, is sponsoring matching legislation in her chamber.” —New York Post

••• Bradley Cooper is said to have checked out 7 Hubert. —New York Post

••• Artist Eileen Hickey is being sued by her landlord at 460 Washington Greenwich for renting out the apartment on Airbnb, and then “she neglected to list the income in her divorce case against architect John Hulme.” —New York Post

••• “The first pebble in the avalanche that buried recently ousted New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was tossed downhill last week by State Senator Daniel Squadron, who represents Lower Manhattan.” —Broadsheet

••• “A man trying to stop two men from ‘harassing’ a woman on Stone Street was thrown to the ground and had his iPhone stolen.” —DNAinfo



  1. Eileen Hickey is being sued by her landlord at 460 Greenwich, not Washington

  2. Oh for gosh sakes! Why is the dangerous condition of the New Market and Tin Buildings new to ANYBODY??? They have been closed for years and have been deemed structurally unsound!!! The piers beneath them are rotting and must be rebuilt. The more significant of the two buildings, the Tin Building, is just a poor reproduction of its former self. It is just 10% tin; most the building burned down in a fire two decades ago. HHC, to their credit, has offered to rebuild the Tin Building to its former glory as well as rebuild the pier underneath. Yes, they require a Condo in return, but if you want to save the Tin Building and this pier then someone has to cough up the money and I have yet to hear a single valid proposal on who is going to do it other than HHC. The city cannot and should not provide the money as the $100MM+ cost is much better utilized building need schools and other infrastructure in the fast growing Financial District.