Seen & Heard: City Hall Park’s Next Sculpture Exhibit

Amanda Ross-Ho THE CHARACTER AND SHAPE OF ILLUMINATED THINGS FACIAL RECOGNITION 2015 rendering••• And the next sculpture exhibit at City Hall Park will be:

Public Art Fund announces a new thematic group exhibition at City Hall Park exploring the relationship between contemporary sculptural practice and the digital landscape. The show features a diverse international group of seven artists—Alice Channer, Lothar Hempel, Jon Rafman, Amanda Ross-Ho, Timur Si-Qin, Hank Willis Thomas, and Artie Vierkant—who share an interest in the interplay between images and objects, and the ways in which rapidly changing visual culture and imaging technology influence how we understand and perceive the world around us. Image Objects is on view June 30–November 20, 2015 at City Hall Park. Image Objects features seven new commissions that examine how the democratization of image creation through smart technology and internet networks has changed the way that sculpture is being created by artists, as well as how those works are viewed by the public. The seven works in this exhibition respond to a landscape in which life—and art—is captured by the camera’s lens and played out online. [Pictured: A rendering of Amanda Ross-Ho’s “The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things (Facial Recognition).”]

••• Good news: The Hideaway is back open.

••• Finally, we get a glimpse of 11 N. Moore. Sexy windows! Kinda iffy on the glass wall on the roof, though….

11 NMoore 11NMoore closeup••• O. sent in an update about Gunbae, the Korean barbecue/karaoke restaurant coming to 67 Murray: “Guy just told me they’re looking at two weeks until opening. Looks sweet inside.”

••• Terroir has installed a new jumbo TV, which disappoints those of us who like TV-free zones.

••• What better way to welcome spring than with a rosé dinner at North End Grill on May 19? Five-course tasting menu with pairings for $150, and you sit at the chef’s counter.

••• The Fulton Center Shake Shack has put up signage. (Photo by Pen Parentis‘s M.M. De Voe.)

••• There are flyers at Warren and Greenwich for a “Girls” shoot on Wednesday.



  1. So glad Hideaway is BACK!!! Best crabcakes in NYC!!

  2. A TV at Terroir? Huge bummer. Guess they’re off my go-to list. Please let us know if it comes down.