Seen & Heard: Downtown Boathouse Opens Today

••• Opening May 21 at Patrick Parrish: Jonathan Nesci’s excellent mirrors.

••• Downtown Boathouse opens at Pier 26 for the season today. If you’ve never kayaked with the boathouse, read this first. (Also, the kayaking is free.)

Downtown Boathouse kayaking crop••• The other morning, I was walking by Mehtaphor in the Duane Street Hotel when I saw a  group of business-y people standing inside, having a discussion. I wondered if something was afoot with the space—and then a short while later, I saw the people outside, gesturing at the windows and holding a tape measure.

••• Added to the agenda of Community Board 1’s Quality of Life meeting on May 21: “Five Boro Bike Tour Complaints – Discussion”

••• Brace yourself for the American Heart Association Run & Heart Walk on Thursday, May 28. (Closing all those streets during rush hour…?)

American Heart Association 2015 Run Walk Map••• Someone installed a “gallery” in the Walker Street windows of 396 Broadway.

396 Broadway gallery Walker



  1. The AHA 5K has been around for more than 30 Years (longer than almost any resident or anyone who has works downtown. It is one of my very favorite races of the year as you get to run through the concrete canyons of the Financial District. It is another of the events that make downtown special and I have no issues with the SHORT term closing of a few streets; rush hour or no. Can’t wait! :-) And I’m sure Brookfield will appreciate the thousands of people deposited on its doorsteps at dinnertime!

  2. It isn’t this run or that ride — or for that matter — this parade or that street fair. They are all colorful and add to the excitement of the city. But having one’s peace and quiet disturbed every Saturday and Sunday for six months every year is a bit much. Residents deserve an occasional weekend to enjoy their own neighborhoods once in a while. I feel lucky to live downtown and am perfectly willing to share, but would like a little time to connect with my full time neighbors once in a a while. The Community Board should make an attempt to control this at least a little.