HomBom Toys Has Closed

HomBom Toys“An employee said the landlord jacked up the rent,” says the tipster who sent in word that HomBom Toys at 345 Greenwich has closed. “They were only notified a few days ago.” Short lease, I guess—the Tribeca store opened in April of 2012. UPDATE: I ran into co-owner Henry Gayer, who said that the culprit was a lack of traffic and that, despite a good first year, the last 12 months have been too rough to go on. (The rent goes up every year, so it was working against them, but it wasn’t the primary factor.) The uptown stores are still open and doing well.



  1. Here’s a suggestion:

    On Halloween don’t put a sign in the window that says “NO MORE CANDY”

    • Just wondering, what would you like them to say instead?

      • I would think what dot-person above is saying is someone should have run up to Kings about 150 feet away and gotten MORE candy for like 10 bucks and not put up a sign at all and not been a toy store (!?) that turns away excited children and their parents on Halloween.

  2. very sad. great store. great people. and they let me bring my dog inside…

  3. The few times I went in there, the people that were working seemed more interested in talking to each other about random stuff than helping me looking for presents.

    • It happens occasionally, but their service is always top notch. Sad to see this store go. Its rare now a days to find stores who treat you as family and not just customers.

  4. This place was my saving grace when it came to last minute gifts. I’m going to miss the twin sisters they were so lovely, and the boys always delivered no problem in any weather. Looks like I’ll be taking the train uptown for the holidays.

  5. Im not surprised – this place had awful service everytime i went in there. The people working there were never helpful.