Seen & Heard: New Leonard Street Building Unveiled

••• 15 Leonard has been unveiled. I only discovered it at dusk, with my phone camera on hand—but it’s sort of hard to get a photo of anyway, because the street is so narrow.

15 Leonard2••• Can’t quite decide whether to commit to a single-family mansion in Tribeca? Rent 85 Leonard for for the summer. “The Hermes dining room seats 12 plus,” reads the ad on Craigslist (!). “The discerning lessee will appreciate the chic den imported zebra wood built ins, Natuzzi sectional, and unique art installations.” And the photo booth!

85 Leonard••• Poets House‘s 20th anniversary benefit walk over the Brooklyn Bridge is June 8. This is your chance to hang out with Bill Murray.

••• From Claudio Marini: “Da Claudio, trying to give back to the community and especially our beloved School P.S. 234, will provide glass candle holders for the students to paint and decorate and will display them at the restaurant. We will sell them starting at $10 and we will deliver 100% of the sale to P.S 234 every month! Hoping that this small token of appreciation will be a success and will bring some funds to the school.”

Da Claudio••• Trees are getting planted at Liberty Park, at the southern end of the World Trade Center. Photo by WTC Progress.

Liberty Park courtesy WTC Progress••• We’ve seen renderings of the Beekman before, but I had never quite noticed until I saw it in the development’s bus stop ad that the “X” floors will be left as is—and that the ones at roof level of 5 Beekman will open onto the grand old building’s roof. (Click on the image to see what I mean.)

The Beekman renderingThe Beekman



  1. The X’s hold the mechanical for both 5 Beekman and the new tower. It looks like there will be some type of metal? grating or something spliced in. I’m really liking how its turning out.

  2. The 85 Leonard listing is pretty pricey for a ground floor/basement rental adjacent to a construction site (87 Leonard).

  3. what a joke, re 85 leonard, who will pay that much for a street which is basically a construction site, with construction (87 leonard) next door and the looming 56 leonard tower at the end of the street, there is no light on leonard street anymore, and its noisy most of the day. that is absurd. the greed is just insane. i walk by this building everyday and have to avoid the construction sheds on both sides, worth 100,000 for a hot noisy dirty summer on a construction site? don’t think so.