Seen & Heard: Gourmet Garage Update

••• Congratulations to Baron Von Fancy for his foxy Canal Street billboard. (And I just got emailed about an amusing product/artwork of his.)

••• A Gourmet Garage update from P.: “The door on Broadway was open this morning. Floors have been sanded, HVAC installed and walls painted. Otherwise not a huge amount of observable progress.” I wouldn’t hold my breath for a 2015 opening.

••• White Street is playing less hard to get.

White Street restaurant••• And Warren 77 is reminding everyone that you can’t live on beer alone.

Warren 77••• The July 4 firework show will once again be on the East River.

••• Until a very pleasant visit today, I was under the impression that Authentic Pre-Owned on W. Broadway was exclusively about accessories. But it has quirky home decor, vintage cameras, and a lot more (and the inventory is always changing).

Authentic Preowned camerasDepth by Lev AC Rosen••• FiDi resident Lev AC Rosen, who grew up in Tribeca, has a second novel out: Depth. From NPR’s rave:

The United States of the 22nd century is an unrecognizable place: Climate catastrophes have flooded the entire Eastern seaboard, leaving Chicago a coastal town and the surviving flyover states an oppressive stronghold of religious conservatism. The inundated city-state of New York stands alone, tentatively still part of the U.S., but existing as a cluster of half-submerged skyscrapers connected by boats and bridges. […] Rosen has turned his drenched, decimated New York into a haven for private eyes, mysterious blondes, smoking pistols, and criminal plots waiting to be unraveled.

••• A reader who introduced herself yesterday—always a treat—while I was walking Howard mentioned that NestSeekers real estate agency has left its office at 156 Reade. Was the embarrassment of having the building listed with Douglas Elliman too much?

156 Reade



  1. It’s hard for me to imagine what would take a retail business like GG, which was established 3 decades ago, so long to open a location. There’s got to be more to that story.