In the News: High Prices at Observatory Gift Shop

••• Añejo‘s new downstairs lounge, Abajo, has a cocktail called El Tranny on its menu. Please stop for one minute and imagine what it must be like to feel—no, to know—that you’re in the wrong body. To face surgery most of us find unthinkable. To upend your entire life and risk every relationship you have. Transgender people are so unbelievably brave. —amNY

••• Swimwear designer Malia Mills—who lives in Tribeca with her boyfriend, Christian Busch—tells the New York Times how they spend their Sundays. (I liked this one and I’m usually immune to this column’s charms.)

••• Gothamist visits the One World Observatory gift shop and finds the prices high. Is it possible that “the gift shop isn’t directing any proceeds to charity”? They might want to rethink that.

••• An Uber-for-helicopters should make us all very nervous. There are far too many already. Stop the Chop!Fortune

••• The New York Times reviews the one-actor-one-audience theater thing at Brookfield Place.

••• More photos and floor plans of this loft we peeped in 2013. —Interni