In the News: The Four Seasons Restaurant in FiDi?

••• Four Seasons restaurant co-owner Julian “Niccolini said that he and [Alex] von Bidder were closing in on a space in the southern reaches of Manhattan. ‘It’s definitely downtown,’ he said. ‘It’s downtown because that’s where the action’s going to be for the next 30 years or so.'” UPDATE: I was assuming it’s FiDi because when you say “southern reaches” that’s where my mind goes—and, specifically, the World Trade Center, which could use a marquis dining experience. But the Four Seasons and New York Times could be thinking about anything below 23rd Street. Reademan, meanwhile, points out that the 66 Leonard space (formerly Matsugen) could be a contender; it does have some architectural provenance, or at least it did before those Russian folks ripped out the Richard Meier interior and then stopped paying the rent. I can’t imagine the Four Seasons in a pre-Modern Era building; it just doesn’t seem right. So that led me to think about iconic midcentury buildings below Chambers. So how about One Chase Manhattan Plaza? It’s about to add a ton of retail…. Then again, an older building could work: One Wall Street has a killer lobby….New York Times

••• “Brian Patrick Donnelly was working at Goldman Sachs’ West Street offices last June when a supervisor ‘assaulted [him] by pulling the chair out from under [him] as he was attempting to sit,’ according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.” —New York Post

••• Marc Forgione is opening American Cut outposts in Atlanta and San Juan. —Daily Meal



  1. Maybe the Four Seasons will take the 66 Leonard space

    • One Wall would be perfect. And, at last, the public could enjoy the room form the inside.