In the News: Growing Up in 1980s Tribeca

••• Matthew Landfield wrote a thoughtful remembrance for Medium about what it was like to grow up at 31 Desbrosses back when “there were only a handful of families who lived within a five-block radius of our house, and not many more in the surrounding area.” There’s a lot of history about the area in it. (Right: Matthew outside 31 Desbrosses in 1980; photo by Ronnie Landfield.)

••• The New York Times has an article about “safe rooms,” and naturally there’s at least one in Tribeca. “‘We’re not a level three secured space, because you could get through there with an R.P.G.,’ [Alan] Wilzig said, referring to a rocket-propelled grenade.”

••• “A dozen Nepalese staff members of Battery Place Market, led by manager Milan Srestha, have organized a fundraising drive to aid their homeland.” —Broadsheet

••• How to make the fried guacamole at Abajo, the bar underneath Añejo. —New York Times

••• “Law & Order” fans are writing reviews of the Manhattan Criminal Court on TripAdvisor. —DNAinfo