In the News: Battery Park Is Now Just “The Battery”

••• “Mitchell J. Silver, the New York City parks commissioner, approved a proposal in February to shorten the name of Battery Park to the more historically concise Battery.” Apparently the confusion between Battery Park and Battery Park City was too much to bear. Also of note in the New York Times article:

—”Where once there were irregular little lawns divided by paved walkways, there is now a single oval of 90,000 square feet: Two acres of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue, an expanse interrupted only by the rising trunks of 38 trees, including that of a regal sophora. […] Next year, [Battery Conservancy president Warrie] Price expects that as many as 5,000 concertgoers may gather at any one time on the Oval.
—The carousel will now open “this summer.”
—”Other longer-term issues include decisions on the future of Castle Clinton, a final home for the World Trade Center ‘Sphere’ and a new lessee for the restaurant pavilion, and, one day, removing the Coast Guard’s Battery Park Building.”

••• In case you missed it, I posted an update to the post about Fairway’s Tribeca market still being on (but delayed), with quotes from the transcript of what the CEO said about the store.

••• The Spotted Pig folks’ deal at 70 Pine is done. “The culinary complex covers 7,500 square feet in indoor space on floors 62, 63, 64 and 66. […] One floor would be for fine dining, and the other two for more casual sipping and lighter fare. […] In addition, the floors have at least 2,500 square feet of terraces which Rose co-president Adam Rose says will be used for sky-high alfresco eating and drinking. Bloomfield and Friedman will also have a 1,000-square-foot ground-floor bar in the lobby of 70 Pine. […] The 66th floor—an octagonal former private observatory with extreme views—would be used for private events.” —New York Post

••• Jacques Capsouto’s new career as a winemaker. —Haaretz

••• “A shirtless man climbed over the railing on the north edge of Rockefeller Park and onto rocks alongside the Hudson River Tuesday night, leading to a heavy rescue response by police and firefighters.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Inside the One World Observatory restaurants. They look like Cibo Express runs them. —Eater (photo by Touhey Photography)