In the News: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

••• John McDonald’s Sessanta restaurant at the Sixty Soho (née 60 Thompson) hotel opens this weekend. —Eater (and WWD has a couple pix)

••• Battery Park City resident Tom Coffey has a novel out called Bright Morning Star. —Broadsheet

••• A bus hit a car on Sixth Ave.; the car’s driver’s injuries were “non life-threatening.” —Tribeca Trib

••• By coincidence, I joined the paps today waiting outside Taylor Swift’s apartment, so I took a photo of her and Calvin Harris. They’re almost in sync—gotta work on that, kids. (This isn’t fit for an “In the News” post but I don’t have photos for anything else and it’ll probably be on TMZ or something so let’s just pretend. Besides, I can’t work any more today because I’m too busy laughing at the idea of George Pataki deciding that the U.S. needs him.)