Seen & Heard: The James Perse Store Opens This Weekend

••• Almond is now serving weekday lunch (as well as weekend brunch). The menu:

Almond lunch menu••• The James Perse store at Franklin and Church opens Saturday (or maybe Friday, if things come together).

••• From Joe Carini of Carini Lang: “I am raising money to rebuild a studio space for a group of women who are supplementing their family incomes by weaving special carpets. Through this work they are able to earn extra money for their children’s schooling and the like. Their need is urgent. With my friends on the ground we can rebuild their studio space which can also serve as temporary shelter during the monsoon season, until such time as they can rebuild or repair their houses.” Donate now.

Carini Lang Nepal drive••• From Downtown Alliance: “On the evening of Tuesday, June 23, from 4-8 p.m., fifteen Lower Manhattan museums and cultural institutions will offer free special programming. Get ready to explore one of the most interesting and diverse collections of museums in the world—all within walking distance of one another.” More info here.

••• From Notify NYC: Today, “May 28, at 3 p.m., nine Canadian Snowbirds will conduct a flyover over the Hudson River. The aircraft, flying at an altitude of approximately 1500 feet, will fly northeast from New Jersey over the Verrazano Bridge, and will continue north over the Hudson River to the Tappan Zee Bridge.”

••• Opening June 3 at Apexart: “Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society, organized by Mary Coyne, explores the contradiction between our outrage over government surveillance of private phone and internet use and the cultural propensity to post personal information on social media networks. Featuring work by James Bridle, Paolo Cirio, Jenny Odell, Willem Popelier, Julia Scher, and Jens Sundheim, the show demonstrates how everyday tools such as Facebook and Google Maps can be subverted, exposing our personal information to the realm of public use.” Below: “Face to Facebook” by Paolo Cirio.