Seen & Heard: Gunbae Opens Next Week

••• Nice to see Laughing Man’s Street Seats getting some action already.

Laughing Man Street Seats••• As you may have noticed, Chambers Street has yet to be opened to eastbound traffic between W. Broadway and Broadway. I emailed the community liaison for the project—and I got an auto-reply saying she’s out of town till June 8 with no email access and that I could brain myself on the nearest sharp corner—I mean call 311. So who knows. UPDATE: I just heard from someone else at the DDC: Two-way traffic is scheduled to resume by close of business on Wednesday (June 3).

••• Gunbae, the Korean barbecue restaurant and karaoke lounge at 67 Murray, opens next week—with a party on June 3—according to this release. I emailed a PR rep to see if it’s opens to the public on June 4. (The circle in the storefront is quite something—as is the tree of lights directly inside.) Update: Yep, June 4.

Gunbae••• On Warren, meanwhile, some very cool brick vaults under the street have been unearthed.

••• Ruum’s store-closing sale has indeed deepened: 40-65% 50% off everything. (The sign said 65% yesterday, but only 50% today.)

••• There’s a night market (6-9 p.m) this Saturday at the South Street Seaport’s Fulton Stall Market “featuring local artisans, wine, beer and light refreshments from our local restaurants. Plus a raffle with great prizes! $10 suggested donation goes directly to support the programs of the Old Seaport Alliance.”



  1. Re: the brick vaults, if you look all the way on the west edge- top right in your photo- you can see the remains of a metal structure, which I am guessing wa a remnant from the elevated train that ran down Greenwich Street until 1940 or so.

  2. What would those vaults have been used for?

    • Coal storage for the building. Note the light-colored round cement plugs in the coal chutes, which were once used to deliver coal by gravity from the street.

      • If you look around the neighborhood, especially in old stone slab sidewalks, you often can still see small round metallic covers almost like little manhole covers. Some actually have colored glass inset into them.