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  1. I hate/love that Tribeca has become a cliche. I mean I’m happy that the loft I paid mid-five figures for in the late ’70s is now worth $2 mill but I mean really…do the newbies HAVE to be so damn ed annoying?

  2. Dear “hmmmm…”
    I assume this was an attempt at irony? The battle for most annoying in our neighborhood begins and ends with the Nostalgia Battalion firing shots at anyone who didn’t luck into a 7 figure apartment because it’s now safe to live next door to them. Damning the “newbies” is just as boring as acting like one.

  3. Dear Alan…

    Not sure what you mean by “safe”. Check historical crime stats. In the late 70s/early 80s, the First Precinct had some of the lowest person-on-person crime in the 5 boros. Or did you mean something else?