And the Pier 26 Restaurant Will Be….

Pier 26 restaurant“The Hudson River Park Trust, the group that operates Pier 26, has selected Michael Dorf to operate the restaurant that’s been constructed on the east side of the pier,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “Named City Vineyard, it will open in May of 2016. […] City Vineyard will focus on food and wine, and won’t have a performance space like City Winery does. There will be more than 1,600 square feet of indoor dining, with casual-dining areas on the terrace and the roof. It will seat 300 to 350 patrons and its menu will be broader than the one offered at City Winery.”

The good news: It’s a local restaurateur. The less good news is that as admirable as City Winery’s musical bookings are, the food and customer experience have never been the main draw.



  1. I have always enjoyed my trips to City Winery and the food. Michael has been part of the Tribeca neighborhood since his Knitting Factory days. I am very happy for him and hope they incorporate music back into Pier 26. I really enjoyed the one summer of concerts.

  2. Happy it’s a local restauranteer.

    Re: music – would be nice but preferably at levels 1/10th of the previous “acts” that performed on the West Side piers. Heard in the room but not up in Harlem as well :)

  3. great to have an advocate of music in that space. Michaell supports the community and it is nice to have someone like that here.

  4. Great news for a change. Nice!