Seen & Heard: Revised Opening Forecast for Gourmet Garage

••• I now hear that Gourmet Garage could open earlier than expected—possibly before August.

••• Dukale’s Dream, “a feature length documentary about Hugh Jackman’s life changing experience after befriending an Ethiopian coffee farmer”—which led to Laughing Man, of course—opens June 5 at the AMC theater on 42nd Street.

••• The answer has been posted for last week’s stumper of a Where in Tribeca…? We’ll play again Friday, and it’ll definitely be an easier one.

••• From Manhattan Youth: “We hope you will join us in supporting Friends of Hudson River Park for this summer’s inaugural Hudson River Park Games on Saturday, June 13! The Games is an all-day, Olympic style event throughout the Park, destined to be our city’s most exhilarating and competitive day of sport. The whole family can join in the fun! The Team Pentathlon will crown the victor with the very first Hudson River Park Cup. Lead your team to victory in a five-part battle of Dodgeball, Kayaking, Obstacle Course, Flag Football and Beach Volleyball. Spots are going fast, sign up your team today!”

••• A reader points out that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (which is going by “Half Shell” on its flyers) turned the New York Law School into NYPD headquarters last week.

NYLS One Police Plaza