In the News: Uptown Moms Say Tribeca Moms Are Worse

13-17 laight••• 13-17 Laight, with Tribeca Cinemas on the ground floor, is on the market. “The early thinking was that it would turn all residential as nearby penthouses are trading for more than $4,000 a square foot. Now office brokers say offices could lease for upwards of $90 a square foot, while a hotel operator could slice it into 99 rooms.” It was on the market last year at this time, but maybe this is different? —New York Post

••• “New Renderings for ODA-Designed 75 Nassau Street.” Click through to see the rest. —New York YIMBY

••• “Battery Park’s long-awaited colorful Seaglass Carousel with fish instead of horses will ‘definitely’ open sometime next month, a Battery Conservancy spokesperson told Downtown Express.” There’s a photo of it lit up.

••• “A 90-year-old woman was in critical condition after being hit […] at Fulton and Pearl streets by an express bus heading to Staten Island.” —New York Post

••• I think we’re all sick of the Primates of Park Avenue hype—thanks to the New York Times’s wall-to-wall coverage—but here’s a locally relevant snippet from a Vanity Fair article about how Upper East Side mothers don’t recognize themselves in that funhouse mirror….

A number of women pointed out that the picture of the woman Martin is painting—cutthroat and supercilious—did sound dimly like mothers they’ve encountered—but from Tribeca.

“I’ve heard more stories about living in Tribeca,” says Di Petroff. “It’s Tribeca that’s super competitive. Wednesday clearly didn’t do her research. It’s the moms in Tribeca who have car service who take their kids to school all the way uptown.”

Two other women mentioned the downtown area as not only perceptively pricier than it’s uptown counterpart but more intimidating as well. “I would imagine Tribeca would be more intimidating and harder to fit in,” says another born-and-raised Upper East Side S.A.H.M., who has yet to leave her home turf. “Believe it or not, I think it’s way worse down there. But I guess it would have been harder for her to sell a book called Primates of Tribeca, wouldn’t it?”



  1. six figure advance, six figure press coverage …

  2. Haha. Wow, I think this UES woman’s sour grapes tone is more apt to help prove the truth in that book rather than disprove it.