In the News: Tribeca Cinemas Is Said to Be Closing

••• Apparently the possible sale—and subsequent conversion—of 13-17 Laight means the closing of the Tribeca Cinemas event space. Moreover, “a source close to [reader Shade Rupe] spoke to some employees: ‘They told me they just found out last week. Everyone there is really shocked as this came out of nowhere… Apparently, the landlord wants to tear the building down.'” —Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York

••• “Mayor de Blasio has met personally with a dozen lobbyists so far this year—most of them campaign supporters and just two shy of the 14 he huddled with in all of 2014, records show. Leading the pack was last year’s highest-earning city lobbyist, James Capalino, who met with Hizzoner three times in the last three months. […] Capalino most recently met with the mayor on May 28 on behalf of helicopter-tour operators in lower Manhattan—an opportunity that critics of the noisy flights say they haven’t gotten.” And probably never will, despite the helicopters being a major nuisance. Stop the chop!New York Post

••• Architect Karim Rashid plans to desecrate a block of Thompson Street in Soho. —Curbed

••• The New York Post discovers Taryn Toomey; of note, Toomey is “currently looking for a permanent home” for her workout classes.

••• “The historic tugboat Pegasus, which has berthed at Pier 25 in the Hudson River Park since 2011, is seeking new benefactors and a new home.” —Broadsheet


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  1. Hi Erik,

    Re: 13-17 Laight – I think there is some confusion in the wording – Razed as in gutting the internals and re-finishing etc. Had heard about this quite a few months ago as tenants were being told to leave. The quote below from NY Post seems to indicate that the original structure itself will most likely remain.
    “could be transformed into all residential or all office… ‘We think it will trade for over $120 million,’ the broker told the paper. ‘It has high ceilings and is great loft space–it’s what Tribeca is all about.'”

    Financially I don’t see any additional value being provided from their razing it to the ground entirely and building anew… Given the extra air rights, I feel we might end up with a similar amalgam to the Enrique Norton building – a new glass modern structure on top of the original brick building… All new and renovated of course

    Thanks for your great work – Rohin