A Third Chipotle for Tribeca?

404 BroadwayI had heard whispers that Chipotle was looking for a space in central Tribeca, so it came as a surprise that a build-out is actually said to be underway at 404 Broadway, between Canal and Walker. I heard it from two sources, and I have no reason to believe they know each other. On the other hand, the building’s owner denied it: “As of right now we have many interested tenants between food and retail but nothing is signed. I am sure whatever type of tenant goes in they will announce it on the storefront.” (What’s the fun of waiting for that to happen?)

Of course, if a Chipotle is indeed under construction, it wouldn’t necessarily preclude a fourth outpost in central Tribeca, would it?



  1. Do we really need another Chipotle, on the same street less than a half mile from each other? What I need is a grocery store…! Where are you Gourmet Garage?

    • Gourmet Garage is coming! As for Chipotle, I was surprised to get a mailing today offering a buy-one-get-one-free burrito, tacos, etc.—my guess is that they’re killing it at lunch and trying to boost business at night (so therefore targeting local residents).