Double Demolition on Park Row

When I heard from a tipster that the smoke shop at 1 Beekman (a.k.a. 34 Park Row) had closed, I figured the building was coming down. Sure enough, paperwork has been filed for full demolition for both six-story 34 Park Row and its three-story neighbor to the southwest, 33 Park Row. From a Real Deal article when the properties were bought in December by Urban Muse:

Two low-rise buildings, together totaling roughly 25,000 square feet, currently occupy the location, also known as 33-34 Park Row. […] The site could hold a minimum of 48,500 square feet of residential space, or 52,200 square feet if 5,000 square feet of recreation space were created, according to the listing. The site also holds up to 14,550 buildable square feet that can be used for retail or commercial space. If the site receives a plaza bonus, it could allow for a project of up to 87,300 square feet.

And here are two renderings done for the listing. The new owner will presumably come up with its own design (for will be called One Beekman, based on the LLC name), but they show the huge change in scale that’s likely happen on that corner. I’ll miss my view of 5 Beekman….

1 Beekman rendering 1 Beekman rendering2



  1. The whole of Park Row is up for change. It is a wait and see with what the Friedmans will do with their buildings. I can’t for the life of me understand who would buy into The Beekman knowing the potential loss of views.

    • Re: Loss of views… They can’t lose the view of City Hall Park.
      Re: The rest of the views – Like most of Manhattan it is pretty much a crap shoot

      The only place you are still guaranteed your view is if you are right on the water.

      Buildings are being built on top of buildings :)!