In the News: Harry Styles and Alexander Wang

••• I’m always suspect about reports of celebrities checking out real estate, and we can assume that if it’s public, they’re not pursuing the property in question, right? But the possibility of more paparazzi bait moving to Tribeca seems noteworthy, so…. One Direction’s Harry Styles is said to have looked at an apartment at 27 N. Moore. (And fashion designer Alexander Wang gave 60 White the once-over.) —New York Post and ditto

••• Work is finally happening at Bridge Café, which has been closed since Sandy. —Eater

••• “A string orchestra and 24 percussionists will take over Greene Street for three hours this weekend, turning the neighborhood’s iconic cast-iron buildings into instruments in a musical ode to the city’s architecture. […] Organizers of the event said the students have the permission of the street’s commercial tenants […] to drum on their cast-iron buildings. The performance will take over Greene Street between Broome and Grand for three hours on Sunday, June 21, from 2 to 5 p.m.” —DNAinfo

••• “Sailing lessons at North Cove Marina with Offshore Sailing.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• “On the summer solstice, clouds permitting, the Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan will be filled with more sunshine than has ever before reached its interior.” Rendering by Arup. —New York Times



  1. You constantly propagate totally unsubstantiated rumors about celebrities checking out apartments because it helps to build excitement over the property. This is pandering to real estate agents who then advertise with you. This should be “sponsored”.

    Remember the time you said that Leo DiCaprio was hunting for a place int he flood zone on the West Side Highway. Oops.

    • Most celeb real estate stuff is indeed simply to promote a property, but I sure as hell would want to know if I was possibly going to be in a situation like the folks at 155 Franklin, who have to deal with Taylor Swift fans and paparazzi all the time.

      As for DiCaprio, what you evidently don’t recall is that it was the Real Deal that reported he had bought at 250 West, and I re-reported it, the way any local blogger would. And when DiCaprio’s rep denied it, I updated the post accordingly. I’ve forwarded many rumors on this site, and some have proven to be untrue. But I always say when something is a rumor (look for “the word on the street” or “I hear” or some such phrasing).

      Ultimately, if you dislike this site so much, if you think its integrity is compromised, why read it? The only conclusion I can come to is that you actually like it a lot, but you hate that, so you try to demean it, to lessen its power over you. You’re the kid on the playground who pulls pigtails just to get a reaction. I urge you to look deep into yourself and fix it or fuck off. This may be the most New Age-y thing you’ll ever hear me say, but I truly can not stand the negative energy of trolldom, and I won’t have it — not about me, not about anyone — on my site. (No one ever said this was a democracy.) If you want to make constructive criticism, go for it. But that’s not what this is, and you’ve been warned.

  2. i saw leo and his new girlfriend riding citibikes in bpc early saturday morning

  3. I personally enjoy reading all of the real estate gossip/speculation/rumours whether they’re true or not. That’s one of those things you should expect from a neighborhood blog.

    I prefer this to some other blogs where all they do is toot their own horns about how great a website they are and how they are the catalyst for anything that happens in the neighborhood.

  4. I saw what looked like brokers with a floor plan looking around the kitchen at Kitchenette on Chambers St the other day. Are they going out of business?

  5. I also really enjoy all the real estate gossip, true or not. Keep it coming!

  6. For the record Wangs’ corporate office is on Broadway between Franklin and White so it makes sense he’s eyeing up property nearby.